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Women's Winter Retreat Day

With Amanda & Jem

Sun 13th Dec 2020

10am - 5pm

@ Studio Fields, Wallingford

Come and embrace the depths of the dark season whilst being cradled by the womb of the earth. A day to slow down and return to full presence, be held by the warmth of the feminine and remember the light of Sisterhood as we journey through the darkness together.


Join Amanda and Violet for a nourishing retreat day held at the cosy Studiofields in Wallingford. Surrounded by beautiful nature during the dark moon.

What's Included:

~ Guided meditations and visualisations

~ Sacred scrying practice

~ Time to reflect on breakdowns and breakthroughs of the past year

~ Letting go practice

~ Journaling exercises

~Sisterhood Sharing

~ Candle Ceremony to connect with the light

~ Relaxation and time in silence for integration

~ Crystal gift to take home

What to bring:

~ A Yoga mat, blanket, cushion or pillow so you can make a warm den

~ Slippers, cosy socks and anything else to help you feel cosy

~ Something sacred for the altar if you feel called

~ A journal and pen

~ Your favourite mug so we can have warm tea throughout the day

~ A yummy lunch and snacks to nibble on through the day (we are unable to share food)

About the venue

Studio Fields is a stunning venue located on the outskirts of Wallingford. The studio is spacious, relaxing and clear allowing you to feel a sense of grounded clarity as you enter. The studio and land is owned by Gong Facilitator Alison Russell and is used regularly for meditations, yoga and healing events such as gong baths and well being days ~ infused with these powerful, loving energies.

You'll be completely surrounded by nature for the entire day - the studio garden backs onto stunning landscapes with just the sounds of the birds to listen to.

*Full address and directions to the property will be provided upon booking.

Jemma (Violet Skies)

Certified Sekhem Reiki Practitioner, Angelic & Crystal Healer and Tarot Reader. 

"I’m Jemma. I live in Oxfordshire with my 3 cats, house bunny and hubby!
I have been a complete crystal addict since I was a little girl. I have always been drawn to their healing properties and have intuitively used crystals to support me in my life.
I now offer workshops and healing sessions to assist others in working with the crystals and to harness their healing powers.
I have also been a qualified Reiki practitioner for many years, but recently becoming attuned to Seichem Reiki has really deepened my practice."

amanda tracey

Facilitator, Artist, Feminine Guide & certified Sekham Reiki Practitioner

Amanda Tracey is a certified Reiki practitioner/Energy healer and Circle facilitator and is a self taught Ceremonialist. She is a devoted practitioner of the craft and ancient earth traditions and is currently studying Wicca with Shamanic Teacher and Priestess Avalon Whitefeather.

Amanda has been on her own feminine healing journey and classes herself as a forever student of the ancient feminine mysteries and earth based teachings. She has now dedicated her life fully to being in service to others and supporting others on their healing journey - specifically women. 

Through circle work, 1:1 deep dive sessions, workshops and retreats, Amanda's vision is for humanity to come back into balance and remember their innate connection to nature.

"I was very excited and nervous to come to the retreat as I had never done anything like it before. I’m so glad I trusted my intuition and just booked it though.  I’ve never sat in a room full of other women I have never met and felt such a powerful loving energy.  Amanda and Jemma created such a sacred safe space and you could feel the love and care that was put into preparing for the day. 

I felt permission to just be as I am and to share vulnerably with the group.  I loved every aspect of the day and found it to be a really healing experience.  Wish I could do that every week! "

- Jess, London UK

booking & self investment

 Sun 13th Dec 2020


£88 Early Bird until 1st Nov 2020


£99 Full Price ticket


~Refunds are available up until 1 month before the event.

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