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Witches Remembered is a movement created by two women who feel passionately about honouring those who were lost during the mass gendercide, commonly known as the Witch Trials.


By purchasing a Witches Remembered brooch, you are directly supporting our chosen charity for the year. Along with bringing more awareness to current day oppressions and inequalities, that women and young girls still face today.


This year all profits will go to 'Bloody Good Period' - a charity who offer period products to those who can't afford them. They also share menstrual education and normalize 

periods FULL STOP.

(Registered charity number 1185849) As bleeding women, we are very passionate about this topic and believe ALL bleeding people should have access to menstrual products and not feel ashamed about the miracle that is their body!


Every year, on October 31st (known by us and the old Celtic traditions, as Samhain) we take time to honour those who came before us, including our fallen sisters. Join us in wearing this remembrance brooch on Samhain and throughout the year as you choose.


We stand for all those who came before,

And for all those who are come after.

Thank you for supporting our vision.


Blessed Be, Amanda & Lulu

These adorable felt brooches have been handcrafted with love and presence. When you wear a Witches Remembered brooch you are supporting a movement and honouring those who were affected by the brutal Witch Trials, as well as bringing awareness to the inequalities and violence towards women that still occurs in our world today.

The brooch is a representation of the Hawthorn blossom flower. Hawthorn trees were sacred to the Celts and Witches for many magical reasons (something we will most likely do an entire post about soon on our Witches_Remembered IG page). Although the flower is usually pink in colour, we decided to be creative and chose autumn colours to honour the season of October.

The recommended donation for the brooches are:
- £3.00
 or £4 for a limited edition one with a Witchy charm! Please message us directly for a limited edition brooch!

If you wish to donate more than the recommended price that is of course welcome!

A postage cost will be added to the order if we are posting them to you

(Posting only within the UK at the moment)

The package you will receive also includes some loose Mugwort and dried Rose petals. This is an offering that you may like to gift back to the land on the night of Samhain (Oct 31st) or during a Full Moon. Offering your thoughts, prayers, intentions to your ancestors, to yourself and to the future generations. Also to those who still suffer from oppression, abuse and violence - holding them in your heart as you leave your offering.
You may wish to leave it on the land, give it to the water, throw it to the wind or offer it up to the fire.

If you wish to purchase a Witches Remembered Brooch, please email and we will organize payment and postage for you. 

Thank you for supporting this movement and for donating to Bloody Good Period

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