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The Spiral

A 9 week Circle Journey for Women online

The Spiral is for Women who are ready to step into a space that supports the rising of sisterhood and the feminine frequency of love and compassion. 

We all carry a unique gift that we get to offer the world. 

Each woman in the Spiral space will be met with a circle of sisters who will encourage the unfolding of her unique vision. 


The Spiral is for enter into a private space online every week to be with other women, to hold one another in the energy of love, equality and acceptance. To nurture and be nurtured, to receive and breathe into the feminine essence. The Spiral is dedicated to the rising of the feminine, the building of sisterhood and the love and devotion to the planet as Goddess Gaia, Mother Earth, the Great Mother. 

~The next Spiral begins: 30th Oct 2020~

(Spaces are limited to 12)

We are ready

To remember and re-connect to the feminine wisdom that we carry in our bones.

To move through any challenges by sharing them openly in a held, loving container.

To support other sisters and respond to their heart shares within the group.

To practice active listening and speak our truth with integrity and respect for others. 

To take radical responsibility for our own journeys and experiences. 

To learn from eachother's stories, songs, experiences and wisdom.

To come home to the circle and remember the ways of our ancestors.

To return home to self and re-wire the patterns that do not serve our collective evolution.

To move away from segregation and separation and enter into the vibration of unconditional love and acceptance for all beings.

To enter into full sovereignty.

To lean in to the feminine wisdom that is available and re-connect to the womb within and the primordial womb of creation itself.

To come back to the centre and the cyclic ways.

To walk the spiral together. Present with each step. Weaving a new way. 

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What's Included:

  • A live 90 min zoom circle every Friday at 7:30pm for 9 weeks with all the Spiral Sisters (starting with an opening ceremony on Fri 30th Oct).

  • Rituals, Meditations, Journeying practices.

  • Different topics/themes to journey with each week.

  • A sacred group to keep in touch in between calls.

  • Feminine practices, meditations and take-away tools to implement into your life 

  • Opportunities to discover and share your gifts within a private group

  • Accountability partners to keep you inspired and connected

  • Other experienced teachers and facilitators may join us as guests to offer extra wisdom and support

  • Spaces are limited to 12 women to keep the integrity and sacredness of the container

Questions to reflect upon before committing to The Spiral:

Am I willing to make this journey a priority in my life? (To develop trust within the container, it is important to show up each week for the calls and be present in the group. No recordings of the circles will be available)

Am I already on a path of self empowerment and now ready to take it to the next level?

Am I dedicated to the rising of the feminine and wish to cultivate a connection with the other sisters?

Am I ready to support and hold other sisters in the energies of unconditional love and full acceptance, to encourage her dreams and visions and support her in birthing them into reality?

If you are receiving a FULL BODY YES then I look forward to welcoming you into the Spiral with open arms and a loving heart.

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 Self investment

Early Bird Price: £333 (until 2nd Oct)


£377 Full Price



for those on a lower income

2 part payment plans are available - please email me here to find out more

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"Part of healing the wounded Feminine and reclaiming Feminine Wisdom is for the Women to RECONNECT, to come together as SISTERS with a common mission rather than stay isolated and reinforce a divisiveness which dis-empowers us all and weakens our efforts" 

-Jane Hardwicke Collings

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