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Element Rituals: FIRE

The fire is the creative spark within, it is the flame that ignites our purpose, passions and desires. It's the "fire in the belly" feeling, connecting us to our intentions and inner power. It is the "call to action" that changes a thought/wish into a manifested reality.

The fire is the sacred meeting place where we warm our bodies, where we cook our food and where we feel like we have arrived home. This element brings a sense of safety and warmth to our entire beings. In the cold of winter it welcomes us to slow down, to be present and to enjoy the special energy of introspection. It brings community together, around bonfires and summer barbecues.

It can also bring about destruction, burning up everything around it - becoming out of control.

The fire within us needs to be continuously tended to. The creative spark that brings joy to our hearts and a sense of purpose to our lives.

We are creative beings, we came here to channel our ideas, inspirations, creative projects, passions and desires into the world. Without having somewhere to channel this creative force, we can lose control and allow it to overtake us. We can end up feeling burnt out and lacking energy.


The Element of Fire represents and connects us to:

  • Creativity, passion, desire, courage, strength, power, sexuality, movement

  • Season of Summer, Celtic festival of Litha/Summer Solstice

  • Inner masculine/yang energy

  • Ovulation phase in the menstrual cycle

  • Solar Plexus/Sacral Chakra

  • Wild freedom and raw expression

  • Animal guides such as hyena, salamander, phoenix, lion

  • Volcanoes, the desert, the sun, the stars

  • The gift of light and our ability to create change

  • Bonfires, hearth fires

  • Direction of the South (on the Celtic wheel)

  • Sun Signs: Sagittarius, Aries and Leo

  • Fire deities such as: Brigit/Brighid (Celtic goddess), Vesta (Roman goddess), Sekhmet (Egyptian goddess), Pele (Hawaiian goddess), Hephaestus (Greek god), Belenus (Celtic god)

" Celebrate the living energy of fire to activate, to be a catalyst, to create change and transformation, fire purifies, liberates and energizes. " - Glennie Kindrid

Fire Element Release Ritual

The intention of this ritual is to invoke the element of Fire to help transmute any energies that are no longer serving you.

This ritual can be done at any point during the moon cycle whenever you feel you need to, It's great to practice this when you're experiencing high emotions (energy in motion) and feel ready to clear it, purify it and transmute it. This will support you in moving through the "gunk" and fogginess that high, intense emotions can bring.

"I am the source of change in the world. I have the freedom of choice and the power to use it"

What you'll need for this ritual:

  • Cleansing/saining tool of choice (I love this fire incense blend by Starchild )

  • A fire!

  • A candle and a fire proof bowl if you don't have a fire

  • Some paper and a pen

  • A timer

  • A quiet space where you can be in silence without distraction

  • Some music if you'd like


  • Begin by sitting quietly (facing the South) in a place where you won't be disturbed.

  • Have your fire lit or your candle and fire proof bowl ready

  • Play some music to help draw up and release the energy

  • Take a moment to ground and centre, feeling the earth grounding you and visualizing a golden dome of protection surrounding you

  • Acknowledge and be real with what is present for you right now. Don't shove it down, breathe with the entirety of the emotion that is present.

Speak the following fire invocation when you're ready:

"Powers of the SOUTH and element of FIRE ~ Help me to remember how to access my inner flame to transmute any darkness into light. Help me to release that which doesn't serve. I call upon the fire to re-kindle my relationship with self and the power that lies within me."

  • Now, set your timer for 5 minutes

  • Take your paper and pen and begin writing, the key is not to move the pen from the paper for the whole 5 minutes. Just write, scribble, draw, express through this motion of releasing all the emotions and energies that are no longer serving you onto the paper without even thinking about it. If you run out of paper go over the same page (it doesn't matter if it's messy as you won't be re-reading it, it also doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense as it's more about the energy of letting go)

  • When the 5 minutes are up stop writing and do not re-read what has been written (this is important because you are intentionally releasing the energies so reading it would welcome it back into your body)

  • Begin to tear the pages into pieces

  • Sit for a moment and notice all that has risen to the surface from this release, breathe.

  • Now, with awareness and presence place the paper in the flames (or light the paper and watch it burn in the fire proof bowl)

  • Be present with the paper as it burns and turns to ash. Watch the smoke take those old, un-serving energies back to source.

  • Sit for as long as you need, light some incense and allow the smoke to cleanse and purify you and your surroundings

  • Sit and notice the empty space that has now been created within you from this release. Acknowledge yourself for showing up and taking time to honour yourself and your journey in this way.

Be in the stillness of all that is, be present with the breath, nourish yourself in this space, take your time....

Once you feel complete with the ritual, speak the following to close:

"Energies of the South, of passion and bright flame, thank you for your powers of transmutation. I give thanks to mother earth for grounding me and the light for protecting me. I draw in my power and return to the hearth of my heart. And so it is, and so it is, and so it is"

The Gift of Fire by Glennie Kindred

We are Fire,

The Spark of the Life-force,

The initiator.

Our conscious choice to set change into motion.

We are the spark of inspiration and our imagination.

Once we imagine something, it exists if we choose to give it life.

We are free to change, to choose life-enhancing actions,

To activate our inner sacred fire,

To act on our YES!

To find our joy and laughter!

To be happy!

To be spontaneous!

To adapt and to heal with conscious intent.

We are the essence of free-will and action,

The boldness to begin and the courage to live by our passions, our visions

And our integrity.


More ways to connect to the element of fire:

  • Light candles as you state new intentions or pledges for yourself and the world

  • Light candles or fires to mark symbolic moments such as bEARTHdays, anniversaries, new births and the passing of loved ones

  • Light sacred fires to mark the turn of the seasonal wheel or to celebrate traditions you follow

  • Practice dancing, moving, singing around a fire alone or with family and friends as a way to invoke change and transformation within your life or simply to celebrate being alive!

I truly hope this blog post and ritual serves you well, please feel free to leave a comment below with how you got on and any experiences you wish to share with me :)

Blessed Be


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