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Element Rituals: AIR

Air creates a bridge for us to connect and communicate with our Spirit Guides, Angels and energies that are beyond our "normal" reality. It is through thought and words that we create our experiences. Our thoughts can bring harmony and also destruction to our overall well being.

Through practices such as meditation, mindfulness, intentional silence and even gardening and walking in nature, we can learn to become more aware of the thoughts that are "running the show" and begin to make changes.


The Element of Air represents and connects us to:

  • The mental realm of thought, communication, word and sound

  • Poetry, writing, art, craft

  • Season of Spring and Celtic festival of Imbolc

  • Pre-ovulation/follicular phase in the menstrual cycle

  • The heart chakra

  • The breath and voice

  • Winged and flying creatures

  • The sky, clouds and earth's atmosphere

  • Direction of the East (in Celtic tradition)

  • Wind deities such as: Danu (Celtic), Amun (Egyptian), Odin (Norse)

Speaking positive affirmations on a daily basis is one of the ways that has supported me throughout my life. The late Louise Hay taught that:

" Your point of power is always in the present moment, where you plant the mental seeds for creating new experiences. You’re never stuck, for you can choose new thoughts and new ways of thinking. "

Check out some of her top affirmations here.


Air Element Ritual

The intention of this ritual is to invoke the element of Air to help to clear the mind and transform limiting beliefs, habits, thought patterns into new growth. And to welcome a more loving, serving energy into the present and future.

This ritual can be done at any point during the moon cycle, but ideal to do during the Full or Dark moon phase or when the moon is in an air sign (Aquarius, Libra & Gemini).

What you'll need for this ritual:

  • Cleansing/saining tool of choice (incense, sage, resin blends etc - try to make your own from local plants such as lavender, garden sage, rosemary, mugwort etc)

  • A feather or feathers (I like to pick them from the ground during walks rather than buying them from the store as then I know that no birds have been harmed)

  • A lighter/matches

  • A candle (yellow is ideal for Air or white will be fine)

  • Some paper and a pen

  • A fire proof bowl if you're inside or a fire pit outside

  • A quiet space where you can be in silence without distraction


  • Begin by sitting quietly (facing the East) with your items in front of you

  • Ground and centre by visualizing strong roots connecting you deep into the earth and a golden bubble of light surrounding your entire being.

  • Light your candle and speak the following Reiki protection affirmation:

"With all the love in the Universe, Protect me from negative thought, spirit, vibration and entity, I call forth only positive thought and vibration to me, divine love is in control and all is well"

  • Now, take 3 deep, slow cleansing breaths (inhaling through the nose and exhaling out of the mouth) and imagine with every exhale any distractions, busy thoughts leaving your mind. Soften your shoulders and any other tense areas as you breathe out.

  • Once you feel ready, speak the following to invoke the element of Air:

"Spirit of Air, feathers and winds. Help me to blow away limiting thoughts, beliefs and any stagnation that may be present in my energy field. Move through my mind and heart with grace and cleanse away old cobwebs, so that you can flow through me, in tune with the music of the Universe. Help me connect to the power of my breath - the life force energy that runs through my body every single day. Spirit of Air, Spirit of Wisdom, I call on you now."

  • Tuning into your heart, place your hands at the centre of your chest and begin to bring into your mind all the things you'd like to clear away, all that you are ready to free yourself from (this could be limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, emotions of lack, creative blocks etc) Pick 3 things and write them down.

  • Sit with them for a moment and feel into your readiness to release them from your life. Thank them for all the lessons you have received from them and for showing you how much you've now grown.

  • Light your incense/saining bundle using the candle if you can and as you acknowledge those 3 things that you have felt held back by, allow the smoke to cleanse your body, mind and spirit. Take time to be present with the scent, and the feeling of being cleansed.

  • When you feel ready, open the window and using the feather/s, fan the smoke out of the window as you speak these words:

"I ask the element of air to cleanse away all that no longer serves me and my evolution.
I am grateful for the invitation to grow, I am grateful for the ways in which I have changed, I let go of the old habits, thoughts and energies that are holding me back from this growth. I give it up to the winds of change to be transformed - back to love. Thank you Thank you Thank you"

  • Take some time now to notice how you feel, take as long as you need to come back to your breath and to the present moment. When you feel ready you can hold the paper over the candle flame and watch as it burns away. You can then use the incense again to cleanse it as it burns.

  • Afterwards take some time to journal new beliefs you'd like to create, new thought patterns and maybe write 3 positive affirmations to say every day when you wake up. Here are some examples:

"I am exactly where I'm meant to be"
"The Universe has my back"
"I have all the answers within me"
"I trust myself, I am the creator of my reality"

  • When you feel complete take some time in silence again and close your ritual space by taking another 3 cleansing breaths and reconnecting to the grounding energy of the Earth below. Thank the element of Air by speaking the following:

"Energies of the East, of new light and stirring air, thank you for your cleansing powers and promise of renewal. I give thanks to mother earth for grounding me and the light for protecting me. I draw in my power and return to the hearth of my heart. And so it is"

'The Gift of Air' by Glennie Kindred

We are Air,

The uniting and connecting

force that gives us life.

We are the beginning.

We are limitless possibility and

infinite potential

and we are the seed, the egg, in waiting.

We are the great conspiracy.

The power of our united thoughts,

words and beliefs to create change

in the world and in our lives.

Through our breath we are all connected,

the world of nature,plants, animals, trees,

nations, friends and enemies alike.

My breath is your breath is our breath

through all the generations,

connecting past, present and future.

We are the winds of change

that propel humanity forward.

The power of the collective

and the individual

to inspire and transform the world.


Continue to connect to the cleansing energy of Air:

  • Take some time in nature, connecting to the element of air during walks

  • Climb hills and allowing the breeze to cleanse away the old cobwebs

  • Try some breathwork or take some time to consciously breathe throughout the day

  • Practice a daily meditation with affirmations

  • Write positive words and stick them around your home to remind you to speak kindly to yourself

  • Explore poetry and creativity as a way to express yourself and your emotions

I truly hope this blog post and ritual serves you well, please feel free to leave a comment below with how you got on and any experiences you wish to share with me :)

Blessed Be


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