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Birthing A new paradigm ~ Awakening SHE

Picture this....

It's July 2021 - there's a worldwide pandemic that's in full swing, the world is feeling like it's falling apart.......and yet......many are feeling the call to deepen into something more meaningful, more liberating, more beautiful than ever before.

Violet and I heard the call loud and clear and decided to head to Glastonbury to birth something special. We had no idea what it was, we just heard the whisper of the goddess and listened.

We spent 3 days on the Isle of Avalon, walking the sacred sites, leaving offerings as we entered through each gateway and asked for the guidance we needed. It felt like we were there for an entire lifetime. (If you've ever been to Glastonbury with an intention, you'll know that time seems to stop so that the full spectrum of experience can be received, changing you on a cellular level.)

We both felt moments of deep healing....tears flowing without knowing why, our hearts opening to the goddess as she supported us to open to our full potential as facilitators, as women. We just kept hearing the words "surrender, surrender, surrender."

The elements were present throughout the entire trip, communicating to us in ways we'd never experienced. They each gifted us something and supported us with releasing and healing anything that was still holding us back. It was powerful. As each message was received, we were able to shift old conditioning and created new paradigms for ourselves.

We walked the Tor and allowed the wind to blow away any doubt from our minds around what we're here to offer. With the firey sun shining down upon us, bathing us in divine light, filling us up on life force energy - we felt called to practice yoni bathing and anchor ourselves in our power.

We walked bare foot on the earth and connected to a wise tree in the Abbey, receiving the messages that we need to build foundations for this journey - of strength, safety and integrity. This is also where we sat on the Priestess stone (omphalos or egg stone) that is now hidden away out of sight, but originally would have been placed in a temple for women to bleed upon during fertility rituals.

We went to the chalice well garden to cleanse our feet in the sacred water, to drink the blood of the divine mother and leave offerings to the Priestesses of old.

We sang songs as we walked, left prayers and offerings of dried flowers and long stem roses for each threshold we crossed through.

Then on the 7th July (which just so happened to be the 7:7 portal) it landed.

We were sat together in meditation around the sacred well in the Chalice well garden, asking goddess to provide some guidance.

We started to journal and Violet eventually sat up straight and said "Unlock the Magick!" and I followed with "Embody the Wisdom!"

We knew something beautiful was about to birth, from the creatrix, the universe, source...and we were the channels for it to come through.

Later, whilst sat in a beautiful cafe, sipping tea and eating the most delicious vegan chocolate cake, we got to work. We had allowed 3 days for deep healing, becoming receptive and surrendering to the flow of the universe. Embraced the intuitive, divine feminine wisdom to flow through.

And now the masculine wanted to build the structure, create a tangible plan and hold our inner feminine as we birthed this baby out into the world!

The words "Awakening SHE" came through pretty quickly...without hesitation we knew this was the name of the journey. Once the name came through it flowed.....and it flowed....and it flowed through us. An entire 6 week course for women to Unlock the Magick and Embody the Wisdom.

A transformational journey to support women in remembering who they are, to fully show up in their radiance for themselves. To come back home to their essence. To begin to magnetize more love, joy and magick into their lives. And most of all, to live a life of full authentic expression!

We received the full content. Every. Single. Detail.

When we returned from Glastonbury, we worked day and night to bring it into the material realm, so we could be of service and gather women to be on this journey with us.

Within 4 weeks it was manifested...all the content created, the women who applied were nothing short of incredible, they were women who were ready to commit to their own journey.

We began on the Lionsgate portal 8:8:2021.

Facilitating it was like being part of the most beautiful dance, one that we had never seen before but we just knew the steps and how to move.

The women who had heard the call of the Goddess then danced with us. Deep sisterhood was cultivated. Each woman showing up for themselves in such a profound way that it lead to huge breakthroughs, healing and transformation as a result of them Awakening SHE.

These women are artists, healers, authors, mothers, instructors and practitioners. Some are writing books to support other women, some are selling their art, some are opening sustainable, zero waste businesses! These are women with a dream for themselves and a vision for the greater good of humanity. And now they have even more power behind them to allow their own visions to manifest fully.

As part of the journey we gave an option to join us in the birth place itself...Glastonbury! For a full day of ceremony and ritual. We walked the land, just as we had when we allowed the entire journey to come through.

It was such a sacred day, filled with gratitude, love and sisterhood.

This is what happens when we get out of our own way and allow inspiration to flow. This is what's needed when we are feeling called to be of service.

I am grateful for the courage it took for us to allow this to come through. The unwavering trust in our own intuition, and the depth of healing that was needed to allow the goddess to speak to us.

Violet and I are here as guardians of Gaia and sisters of the old ways. We are here to support others in their own remembering. Of themselves, their essence, their power.

We are here to be vessels for beauty, inspiration and Magick to flow. To bring the ancient mysteries of the goddess traditions into the mundane of the modern world.

It's time to bring the balance back fully. 2022 is another big year! And we are ready with these offerings to support YOU in showing up as the world needs you....FULL.

Sister, it's time to listen to the whispers of your heart....

Read more about the full journey here and apply for our next journey which begins on 27th Feb 2022!!! We cannot wait to welcome you into this online container sister!

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