Living in the Light

April 13, 2018

(Photography by Julia Caesar)


When I CHOOSE to live in the LIGHT I choose LOVE.


When I CHOOSE to stop empowering that which does not serve me I become LOVE.


We are all born with wings. Angels from a place of pure LIGHT and LIFE source energy. Anything that is less than this LIGHT is an ILLUSION. 


When I DECIDE to be TAPPED IN, TURNED ON and TUNED IN to the HIGH VIBRATIONS of the UNIVERSE I become pure LOVE. This is my NATURAL STATE of being. I become connected to all that exists and can only attract HIGH vibrations into my field. 


The shift in perception is GREAT. What once felt like trauma and despair becomes a lesson and a gift. The shadow becomes my greatest TEACHER. 


Every day when I wake up I have a CHOICE. A choice between LOVE or FEAR. The first thing I do when I wake up and get out of bed? I make my bed. Why? Because this is an act of SELF LOVE. Making my bed shows the Universe that I enjoy a clean space, that I CARE about my space, that I CARE about MYSELF and that I am DEDICATED to my day. I wake up feeling GRATEFUL and at the end of the day I go to sleep also expressing my gratitude.




I know that if I start my day with an act of caring and kindness then the rest of the day will flow from this point. Like the Mandala - every day has a center - a CORE. The central energy will ripple out into the rest of the day. So if I wish to attract kindness and love this is how I must begin.




And when I don't feel like getting out of bed or I feel upset or sad? I try to HONOUR myself even more. I feel exactly how I feel and I don't try to cover it up or push it to one side. I sit with it and i nurture myself like a Mother to a baby. I cry - because tears are the most HEALING waters there are. I practice spells to release that which does not serve me and then I allow the shadow to transmute into the flames. 


Another release - Another upgrade.


Like a lobster that no longer fits it's own shell - IT HURTS, it's uncomfortable...and then it cracks out of the shell and builds a new one. And so it continues. This beautiful lesson called LIFE.




It starts with the SELF. Then I can truly show up for my family, friends and my community from a place of pure unconditional LOVE. I can come from a place of experience and authenticity when I share.


And yes, I sometimes need a reminder and I sometimes forget and I sometimes slip back into ways that don't serve my highest.  I am a HUMAN after all. But I am dedicated to my own journey and i will continue to learn and grow and move with the Ebb and flow - to be of service to myself and to others. 



Blessings to all,



 (Mandala Art by Me)








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