Letter to my 7 year old self

(Photography Александр Раскольников)

When I was a child, I expressed myself unapologetically. I sang, I danced, I created art, I practiced magic, I made potions, I BELIEVED in the magic of life! I connected with others from a place of pure love and truth.

Somewhere along the way I forgot all of it. I stopped believing in magic, I stopped believing in myself.....

Over the past few years I have reconnected and I check in with my powers more and more on a daily basis. I believe in and practice magic again. I dance, I sing, I love life and I don't apologise for any of it.

This is a practice that allows me to connect back in with my younger self and bridge the gap that was left over time.

What would I say to that little girl if I had the chance? What would I encourage her to do? What wisdom would I share with her?

Today, I wrote a letter to my 7 year old self:

Dearest Amanda,

You are a Goddess. Your tears are a blessing and they help you heal. Do not hold them back when they wish to flow. They are the most healing waters that exist and the most gentle way to purge that which no longer serves.

You carry your power within your womb space. Your feminine journey is a blessing and an initiation and you are divinely supported. As you embark on this journey you will be held and loved by your community and surrounded by women who have your back.

You are loved because you are love.

All the magic that you see and feel is real Amanda! Connect with it as much as possible. Never stop connecting and never stop believing.

Your light is so bright that sometimes you may not always be understood. And that's okay. Keep shining so other's can join you.

You will be surrounded by TRIBE that do understand you. NEVER dim your light.

Amanda, you are capable of ANYTHING and you can be whoever you wish to be.

It is human nature to THRIVE, to LOVE, to CONNECT and to CREATE.

You are connected to all of existence. The trees, the oceans, the Sun and the Moon. You are cyclic. When you feel lost in the world connect in with the Great Mother Earth and REMEMBER that you are ALIVE. That you are ONE with the Universe. That you are loved and supported by your Family, Guides, Angels and Ancestors.

You came to this Earth with a purpose. To be LIGHT and to be LOVE and to share that energy with others. To reconnect with the old ways of ceremony and magic.

You come from a strong, powerful lineage of Wise Women, Witches, Seers, Medicine Women, Oracles and Healers.

In this lifetime , you will be guided through Ceremony and Initiation so you REMEMBER how to heal and connect with your inner wisdom and powers.


You are loved, you are magic and you will always be taken care of. TRUST.

Warm blessings, love & light


*Artist Unknown

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