The Queen Archetype

The Queen dresses in radiance, She walks tall and sure but with love and kindness, Radiating light from her chest as she sits or stands in the priestess stance. She knows what she wants, And allows nothing to get in her way of the direction she is going. With divine balance between go and flow, She moves through life with ease and grace, Attracting only that which serves her highest. She is guided and learns through her shadows,

Allowing them to be her teachers not her enemy. Through her beauty and sureness, She invites others to join her and embody this energy within themselves also. There is no competition or hierarchy. She lifts others into higher vibrations simply by being herself, She believes in Sacred relationships and settles for nothing less, Than this Sacred, sensual, conscious unity between herself and her chosen partner. She knows her worth and the worth and POWER of her Sacred yoni, And invites only the highest of energies into her Sacred temple.

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