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Women's Winter Retreat - Keepers of the Womb red veil.png

Keepers of the Womb

Sat 21st May 2022



Amanda Tracey & Violet Skies

Come, surrender and be held by the warmth of the feminine

We are inviting women to gather in circle for the day, to re-connect to the wisdom of the goddess within us and all around us. To tune in to our inner landscape and receive the guidance that is available, when we are ready to listen.


Through nourishing practices, ritual and feeling deeply held by the feminine, this is an opportunity to call upon the magick that has been buried for thousands of years. The Priestess mysteries are no longer hidden - it's time to reclaim and remember the power that lies within you as a 'Keeper of the Womb'. 

What's Included:

~ Cocooning Practice and Sound Journey with Crystal Singing Bowls

~ Womb meditation

~ Creating your own womb art

~ Working with the Rose frequencies

~ Mary Magdalene veiling Ceremony

~ Time for journaling and gentle reflection

~ Yummy shared lunch

~ Ritual items to take home

~ A day with like minded sisters

About the venue

"Wasing Wellbeing is a dedicated space for healing experiences, guiding your journey towards powerful personal care, and sustainable health and wellness.  

Wasing run yoga retreats, workshops and classes, plus wild swim and sauna events and memberships throughout the year.  


Set in the beautiful Berkshire countryside, within private woodlands and gardens, nature and self-awareness are at the core of our offerings.   Whether you are uncovering a new curiosity for wellbeing, or are a seasoned practitioner, we invite you to explore, unwind and bring yourself back into balance."

This particular retreat day will be held in the beautiful Pavillion