Mandala workshops

with Amanda

Mandala Workshops

Amanda began offering workshops in 2017, to introduce others to the concept of the Mandala and to guide people on a journey to creating one themselves. 

The idea to offer these workshops came from experiencing the benefits herself when creating mandalas in her spare time. And eventually adopting it as a regular mindfulness practice.

Through repetition and remembering to be present with every line and dot, one can experience a sense of deep relaxation and a clearing of the busy mind, whilst also creating a beautiful image that is pleasing to the eye.

When practicing Mandala Art, it is important to allow the creation to unfold organically without much thought. This allows us to step away from comparison and judgement when it comes to creativity and into a more harmonious relationship with our natural ability to create.

Every single day, every single moment we are creating our own reality. Every human is experiencing life through their own unique lens. If we can celebrate our own uniqueness, we will perhaps begin to celebrate the uniqueness in others and maybe begin to live a more beautiful life.

Amanda offers regular workshops, sometimes the mandala practice is included in retreats and she has collaborated with other teachers for creative workshops , combining it with yoga and meditation.

She has offered the workshop to both adults and children.

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