by Amanda

Amanda had her first Art Exhibition this year (2019) showcased at the Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot where she chose to share her journey with creativity - specifically The Mandala. 

Mandalas from some of the workshop attendees were also displayed to show the uniqueness of everyone's creative expression.

Amanda is commissioned for Mandala Murals, Custom designs and was also commissioned to hand design a logo for a Mala Bead designer in Los Angeles, California in 2018.

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Artistic Journey

Amanda has been creating art for most of her life. From a young age she has always had creative energy flowing through her, which was greatly encouraged by her family to be channeled into painting, drawing, sewing, design and dance.

After being challenged with depression and anxiety from an early age, Amanda started to gain interest in meditation and mindfulness. She began using the meditation and mindfulness techniques that she had learnt alongside her creativity, to allow even more relaxation and stress reduction into her life. This was the start of her journey to self and self healing.

She found herself intuitively creating circular shapes, geometric patterns and repetitive designs - feeling the benefits but not really understanding why. 

Soon after, while travelling around South East Asia, she came across mandala art - a practice of presence awareness and meditation. 
Realizing that this is what she was practicing all along. 

She found that through the process of creating a mandala, she began to 'zone out' into a very relaxed state and simply allow the flow of shapes, layers and details to unfold on their own. Not thinking about the end result but enjoying every moment. 

Over time, she has learnt that the mandala is much more than a beautiful pattern. It represents the balance of life, the creative energy that is present throughout nature, the seasons and cycles, beginnings and endings. It represents circles within communities, groups and teams. It's the patterns within the universe, planets and their cycles.

When creating a mandala, being present with every single line and dot is so important. It brings awareness and meaning into every moment. 
Eventually, we can take a step back and marvel at the creation that has occurred. 

Just like life, the mandala offers us an opportunity to continue to look with fresh eyes. To set intention, take action and then to simply flow with the unfolding of what we set out to do.

Amanda feels passionately about assisting others in their journey. Through art, well-being, meditation and mindfulness. She facilitates regular mandala workshops in and around Oxfordshire.

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