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Full Moon Ceremonies
New Moon Circles

Women have been sitting in circles together for thousands of years. The circle is already alive within all women - this is a remembering of what we all already know.  

Through sharing stories, wisdom, experiences, challenges and breakthroughs with each other in a held container, we are invited to support one another, rise up together and see the beauty within.

A circle is a safe container, a space where we can allow our hearts to open and share our feelings

without fear of judgement. 

The Feminine energies are rising at a rapid speed across the planet. I am dedicated to this rising,

and I'd love to invite you to join me.

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“Through history there have been those that have set their aim at breaking apart the women’s circle, for it was a powerful, transformative and healing energy that they feared and did not understand.

What they did not realize, is that the circle is a thread that lives and shall live forever within each of us for all time. It cannot be broken; the circle lives on.

Now we move past the time of hiding into an age of awakening; embracing our strengths, our lineage and our power as women, the voices of the priestesses, shamans and queens flowing through our veins.

We are the women of the Circle; and we are gathering, rising and awakening to be hidden no more. 

Long may we dance; long may we howl.”

– Ara

Full Moon Ceremonies

New Moon

A Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle!!! A time when we may feel more exposed emotionally, more full within ourselves perhaps - like we are filled to the brim with potential and creativity. It's a great time to release those unwanted energies and then allow our ideas and inspirations to come to fruition.

What is included?

Opening and closing of Ceremonial Space

Guided Meditations and other feminine practices

Full Moon release rituals


Sisterhood Connection

Ancestral wisdom

The New Moon is the moon phase at the start of the lunar cycle. It is a symbolic point of attention and a symbolic portal for new beginnings. This is a time to set new intentions for things you'd like to create, develop, cultivate, make manifest in the coming cycle!

What is included?

A gentle, loving, held space for women to gather

Practices to support the slowing down and reflection that this time in the cycle brings

New Moon manifestation rituals 

Womb wisdom and deeper feminine practices

Different topics to share about as a circle

Ceremonies and Circles are held both in person and online.

During the online gatherings we are all face to face so you can see each other, creating as much of an intimate offerings as possible.
All the practices are OPTIONAL. So if you need to simply be in silence or have your camera off then please know this will be honoured.

The in person gatherings are usually held at Haddon Acre Yurt or Studio Fields in Oxfordshire, UK. 

Private events are also available such as private moon ceremonies, women's circles and seasonal celebrations. I get requests for Hen Do's, Birthdays and Mother and Daughter circles all the time so please reach out if you have specific ideas.

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