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For women


The Women's Circle

When Women gather in Circle something MAGICAL happens. An ancient remembering is re-ignited from somewhere deep within.

Through sharing stories, wisdom, experiences, shadows and breakthroughs with each other we are able to rise up together and see the beauty within our selves through the eyes of each woman. We are divine reflections for one another. Separation is an illusion. 

A circle is a safe container, a space where we can allow our hearts to open and share our feelings without fear of judgement. 

The Feminine energies are rising at a rapid speed across the planet. I am dedicated to this rising. I facilitate Women's Workshops, Circles and Ceremonies to bring back the magic of Sisterhood and create a space to support Women on their healing journeys. 

“Through history there have been those that have set their aim at breaking apart the women’s circle, for it was a powerful, transformative and healing energy that they feared and did not understand.

What they did not realize, is that the circle is a thread that lives and shall live forever within each of us for all time. It cannot be broken; the circle lives on.

Now we move past the time of hiding into an age of awakening; embracing our strengths, our lineage and our power as women, the voices of the priestesses, shamans and queens flowing through our veins.

We are the women of the Circle; and we are gathering, rising and awakening to be hidden no more. 

Long may we dance; long may we howl.”

– Ara

What's included?

  • Monthly Goddess Liberation Ceremonies

  • Working with the Goddess Archetypes

  • Connecting with the Moon's Energy

  • Working with the Wheel of the Year and Connecting to the Cycles and Season

  • Guided Meditations, Journeying & Visualizations

  • Singing, Chanting, Music

  • Voice Activation

  • Release Rituals & Techniques

  • Grounding Techniques

  • Creative Liberation

  • Writing practices 

  • Movement and body work

  • Manifestation Rituals

  • Setting Intentions

  • Ritual

  • Ceremony

  • Access to our private FB group once you've attended a gathering at the yurt


"Ceremonies are a sacred way of instigating change and healing. They enable greater capacity to intentionally create and direct our future. Rather than feeling stuck, confused or lost, ceremonies & rituals allow us to acknowledge transitions or rites of passage, clearly mark closures and move on easily to new beginnings.

Healing rituals in nature and with the elements have existed in all cultures since recorded time. Many of us now, however, are disconnected from the importance, sacredness and healing power of the earth & of the elements. Together we bring ceremony and ritual back in to our memory & experience this in an approachable and grounded way."

-Kirsty Ka 

If you feel called to join us please check out our upcoming Women's Workshops, Circles and Ceremonies in Oxfordshire....

"Part of healing the wounded Feminine and reclaiming Feminine Wisdom is for the Women to RECONNECT, to come together as SISTERS with a common mission rather than stay isolated and reinforce a divisiveness which dis-empowers us all and weakens our efforts" 

-Jane Hardwicke Collings

Feel the Call?

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