"Tribal Markers are a tool for One on one connection through the sacred practice of body adornment."

Tribal Markers

"Artist & photographer Amir Magal developed Tribal Markers as a rebellion of the way we use technology to connect. He brought back this ancient modality of Body Marking into Venice sub-culture after he saw how artists could engage more with people through touch and eye contact. Tribal Markers was born and is reaching people all over the globe. The core Team of Artists and influencers are based in Venice Beach California and are training others to spread this movement and message. 

They hand make the Tribal Markers, filling the paint and cutting each nib with their trademark three ridges. Essential oils are added for a therapeutic and sensory touch ."

As a UK representative of this movement I am dedicated with my team of trained Artists to spread this message of connection through this Sacred Art form. 

tribal woman

Uniting the tribe one mark at a time

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Tribal Markers is an ART FORM and a MOVEMENT of one on one CONNECTION through Art and Adornment. 

This message is inspiring tribes and communities all over the world to take a breath and spark deep soul connections through the sacred art of Tribal Body Marking.

The Markers

tribal markers uk
  • Non Toxic

  • Water Based

  • Waterproof & Sweat Proof

  • Made from Biodegradable plastic 

  • Refillable

  • 100% Vegan

  • Infused with essential oils

  • Tool for one on one connection 

  • Hand cut nib

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To find out more about Tribal Markers and to view the products please click HERE.

The Markers will be available to purchase from the UK soon! For now, please use the website and use the discount code: MANDALAMAGIC for 15% off when you spend over $30!

Reference websites:

Header Photography: Uruz Rise 

Other photography: Property of Amir Magal