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I grew up surrounded by creative Women. My Great Grandmother, My Grandmother and My Mother all expressed themselves through creativity. From Crochet, Sewing, Hand Embroidery, Knitting, Painting and Making. I now know that creativity doesn't come from 'learning', it comes from somewhere much deeper. A long Female lineage of Creatrix's, Healers and Wise Women. It is a Woman's birthright to create. We are the ones who bring life into this world. We don't learn how to create, we BIRTH our creations from deep within.


 My interest in Meditation and Mindfulness began in my mid 20's when I started practicing Raja Yoga Meditation.

This was the beginning of my journey to self and self healing after being challenged with depression and anxiety from an early age. 

I became drawn to Healing and Mindfulness Practices such as Reiki, Crystal Healing and mindfulness techniques and decided to become attuned to Reiki in Feb 2016. 


I started to remember the deep connection I had to the Earth, the Universe and all the cycles of existence and eventually this led me to South East Asia on a 9 month trip with my partner to continue to learn and grow.

Whilst travelling from country to country I surrounded myself with inspiring Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Teachers and Healers. I attended numerous workshops, sat in many circles and ceremonies and learned through training courses including 'The Way of the Circle' Facilitator Training with Elah and Ausierra.

After learning more about the energetic of circles and space holding I quickly put what I'd learned into practice and facilitated my first Women's circle in Pai, Thailand in Oct 2016.


I felt ready to bring what I'd learnt back to the UK and offer these teachings and practices to others through the magic of CREATIVITY, HEALING & CEREMONY.

My Vision

I feel a strong calling to remember the ways of our Ancestors, by gathering as a community and honoring the Earth and Seasons, to remember our purpose and passion, re-connecting to our selves through the cycles and circles of creation.


As an Artist I love expressing myself through creativity such as painting, drawing, photography and modelling. I enjoy hosting creative workshops to show others how to use creativity as a tool for meditation and mindfulness.


I Facilitate Ceremonies and Circles within a Sacred Space, holding space for Women - connecting to the cycles and elements of nature, the moon and ourselves as Women.


My partner Aron and I have now started offering regular gatherings for all in the community (men, women and those who do not identify with a specific gender). This includes regular Guided Sound Journeys, Ceremonies and Workshops helping others connect to the energies of the Earth.

I am also very excited to be studying Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) this year at Facilitator level - this is a home study programme offered by 'The Centre of Excellence' and with this I will able to include this in my one on one offerings for my clients. 


I feel blessed and humbled to be on this path and I invite you to join me. May we walk hand in hand, lifting each other up. One tribe. One Family. Together we rise.

You can read more about my offerings here.

Blessed BE


'Whatever you think the world is withholding from you, you are withholding from the world.'

~ Eckhart Tolle

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