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About Amanda

I am a Sacred Space holder, Ceremony/Circle Facilitator, Magick Maker and Guardian of Gaia.


I began living more in alignment with my soul calling and purpose around 7 years ago when I started to remember the deep connection I had to the Earth, the Universe and all the cycles of existence. 

Whilst travelling around South East Asia in 2016, I immersed myself in numerous workshops, sat in many circles and ceremonies and went through many initiations. I was facing many health challenges at the time, especially in my womb-space and menstrual cycle. It was through sitting in circle that I was able to heal, transform and come home to my body.

I wanted to learn more about the art of creating sacred spaces and facilitating ceremonies, so I completed 'The Way of the Circle' Facilitator Training with Elah and Ausierra. This included working closely with the plant medicine of Cacao, which has also been a huge support for me and my healing journey.

My path organically led me to working with women and studying the feminine mysteries and ancient goddess traditions. After learning more about the energetic of circles and space holding I put what I'd learned into practice and facilitated my first Women's circle in Pai, Thailand in Oct 2016. 

Goddess Liberation was birthed with the intention to bring such ancient healing practices to the world. To support other's in their journey with reclaiming and remembering the Goddess within, to feel liberation through these practices and bring more embodied experiences into our modern time.

I now facilitate regular Ceremonies and Circles, Retreats, Workshops and run online courses. I support women to re-connect to the cycles and elements of nature through ritual, creativity and feminine embodiment practices.

I have recently deepened and expanded my understanding for this work and ancient ways, by studying Witchcraft for 2 years with a High Priestess, where I was given the title "Sister of the Old ways".
It is through this deepening that my other website Temple of The Feminine Flame was born - a temple space for women run by myself and my dear friend and soul sister Violet Skies.


I am also very excited to have birthed a charity fundraising project and powerful women's movement in 2022 with another dear sister of mine Lulu Felicis. "Witches Remembered" is a movement honouring those who were lost during the mass gendercide, commonly known as the Witch Trials. Each year we create brooches and raise money for our chosen charity.
Read more about this amazing project here

You can read more about all of my offerings here.

Blessed BE


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