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1:1 self liberation journey

4 week immersive personalised programme for Women

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Sisters, I am here to support you in your rising as you step fully into your embodied truth and soul knowing.

We all have a unique blueprint that we incarnated on this Earth with. A purpose, that once remembered empowers us to craft our lives in a way that feels fully aligned.


I have created a 4 week immersive journey for sisters who are ready to go deeper into their own unique journey, heal and rise from the ashes, to begin to step fully into their highest truth.

This has been created from the depth of my heart, everything I share in the space is from my own experience as a fellow sister who has dedicated her life to the rising and healing of the feminine.


In each session I will share nuggets of wisdom that I myself have cultivated throughout my life. 

This is not a specific therapy or counselling. This is a space where you can embark on a journey of self inquiry through ancient ritual, ceremony and deep intuitive practice - with the support of your guides, angels, ancestors and the circle of sisterhood that we all have access to through the codes of the earth.

I am here as a guide, for you to enter into the heart of your souls calling and inner wisdom. For only you carry the codes that you need to awaken to your fullest potential.


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Completely Tailored for you and your unique Journey...

The beauty of the 4 week Self Liberation Journey is that it's completely tailored to you and your personal needs. I offer a POWERFUL and SACRED space for you to HEAL and TRANSFORM.

What other sisters are saying...

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"It truly was the best way to start my year working 1:1 with Amanda. Amanda  held such a powerful, nourishing and transformative space for me over 4 weeks, in which I felt deeply nourished and seen. She helped me to hold space for myself in the most loving way and empowered me all the way.


I did not only receive beautiful 1:1 sessions weekly but also received lots of support throughout the week. I loved the practices she designed for me each week and the inspiration and knowledge she offered. I gained so much confidence, inspiration and empowerment through our journey and truly -with all my heart- I recommend working with Amanda 1:1. 

She creates a magical container for us to grow deeper into who we are. Thank you ever so much Amanda for your love, wisdom and support!"

- Aylin, UK

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"Amanda’s 4 week one to one guidance helped me make incredible shifts within my emotional and physical well-being. 

With her guidance and encouragement, I learnt to connect with myself very deeply, to trust myself and find acceptance for ‘what is’, in a way I didn’t know was possible. 


Amanda held space for me in a truly beautiful way, with that support I was able to open myself to my own love, inner guidance and power in a very profound way.  I just experienced breakthrough after breakthrough. 


I am so grateful to her for the intuitive guidance, wisdom, support, reassurance, gentleness and love she has given me.  The support in between sessions really gave the holistic approach that facilitated my transformation into an embodied, open-hearted and more integrated human being.  You have taught so much Amanda, forever grateful and in my heart"

- Salima, UK

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"The journey I have been on with Amanda has been truly incredible. Over the space of five weeks I have felt entirely held, heard and loved, not only during our one-on-one sessions but also through her mid-week videos, regular check-ins and her beautiful women’s circles. Her generosity and thoughtfulness are endless.


The space Amanda creates is both safe and sacred. I am invited to share what’s in my heart, and what has been coming up for me. She offers guidance and practices which have supported me as I gently begin to reconnect with my body and emotions, after years of numbing and disembodiment. I am often guarded and hesitant about opening up to others, but right from the beginning I have felt completely comfortable showing up in all my fullness, and have received nothing but acceptance and understanding from her.


In Amanda I have found a teacher, a mentor, a friend and a sister, and I believe our journey together is only just beginning."

-Lydia, UK

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This is for you if...

- You're calling in a safe, held space to acknowledge the tender parts of yourself in order to heal and grow

- You're ready to sit in the driving seat of your own life and move from limitation to liberation 

- You're committed and devoted to your own path and journey as a unique soul on the planet

- You have a vision for your life and for the world, and wish to explore with curiosity the parts of yourself that are holding you back from stepping fully into that vision

- You're willing to experiment with new behaviors that will support your rising

- You're ready to commit to a full 4 week journey (that's 28 days) of guidance and growth

What you'll receive:

- A 1:1 session with me via zoom each week (option to record for you to revisit in the future)

- Recorded content that I create especially for you and your needs, that include practices and tools to assist you in your journey.

- Support and communication with me in between sessions via WhatsApp or email

- Written notes with weekly GrowthWork after each session

- FREE access to 2 Online Women's Circles/Ceremonies to attend during our journey

- A check in call a month after closing and option to continue working together if desired.

- Practices, Tools, Magick, Wisdom that has supported me throughout my journey - to add to your own "Spiritual tool belt"

Sessions can include:

- Oracle Card Readings

- Distance Healing: Reiki, Energy work, Cord cutting.

- Creative expression

- Balancing of feminine and masculine energies within

- Journeying with the Archetypes (Re-wilding rituals and practices)

- Meditations and Drum Journeys 

- Goddess wisdom - Womb meditations, Voice Activation, Reclamation rituals

- Cyclic living (introduction to cyclic wheel - in nature and in the body)

- Working with the Elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth to support you in day to day life)

- Higher self activation and Chakra Healing

- Meeting your Spirit Guides and Universal support team

- Adopting more empowering lifestyle choices and healthy boundaries that serve your highest good

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Want to know more?

Book your FREE consultation to find out more about the 4 week Journey. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions that you may have and establish whether it fully resonates for us to work together.


Amanda Tracey is a certified Reiki practitioner/Energy healer and Circle facilitator and Ceremonialist. She is a devoted practitioner of the craft and ancient earth traditions and is currently studying Wicca with Shamanic Teacher and Priestess Avalon Whitefeather.

Amanda has been on her own feminine healing journey and classes herself as a forever student of the ancient feminine mysteries and earth based teachings. She has now dedicated her life fully to being in service to others and supporting others on their healing journey - specifically those who identify as women. 

Through circle work, 1:1 deep dive sessions, workshops and retreats, Amanda's vision is for humanity to come back into balance and remember their innate connection to nature.

 Self investment for 4 week journey

Sliding Scale: £600 - £800
(choose according to your current financial situation)

payment plans are available - please email me here to find out more

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Blessed Be