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Creating Sacred Spaces to support others in their re-connection with the Wild, the Wise, the Raw, the Playful, the Intuitive, the Creative, the Pleasure....the Cyclic ways of WOMAN. It is in the energetic container of the Circle, where all parts of us are acknowledged, celebrated and honoured. There is no "right way" to be.
For this is a place of multifaceted, embodied wisdom.

It's time for us to re-connect, re-align and remember. To be held and be heard. to listen deeply and hold one another unconditionally. 
These sacred spaces are facilitated and held under the umbrella of Earth/Goddess based wisdom. Through Ritual, Embodied practice and Ceremony we celebrate the Moon, the Sun, the Earth's Seasons and Cycles to create a deeper connection to the natural rhythms  of our bodies and of the land we live. 
Here you will find  more about the monthly Moon Ceremonies, Women's Circles, Retreats and 1:1 guidance sessions for women both online and in person.
(Currently based in Oxfordshire, UK)

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