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Goddess Liberation

facilitation with Amanda Tracey


I am so happy that you have found your way here!

This is a space for you to explore all that my work has to offer, an invitation back home to your wholeness - mind, body and spirit. For you to re-connect with your divine essence within and feel freedom, love and acceptance towards yourself and your journey. 

It is my greatest joy and highest excitement to facilitate a space for others to re-connect, re-align and remember the unique song and dance of their soul.  


I facilitate and hold space for others under the umbrella of Earth and Spiritual based wisdom. Through Ritual, Ceremony and Community gatherings we celebrate the Moon, the Sun and the Earth's Seasons and Cycles to create a deeper connection to our own natural rhythms. 


I am dedicated to the empowerment of the sacred feminine and offer monthly Moon Ceremonies, Feminine Empowerment Circles and one on one guidance sessions for women both online and in person.

I believe that it is important to facilitate a space for the coming together of community, regardless of gender, and so I also co-create weekly gatherings with my beloved where we create a space for all to gather and offer group sessions with Sound immersions, Sharing circles and Reiki group healings. Together we are the Story Tellers of Sound.

My vision is for all beings to re-connect with the earth and nature, for humans to remember that they are not separate from creation or from each other.


My wish is for you to remember your purpose. Why you are here. What your unique gifts are in this lifetime. For you to remember how to re-connect with your body and listen to the calling of your soul. 

My Intention is to facilitate a space where you feel held and supported. A space where your voice is heard and your energy honored. A space where all are treated as equal.  Where I share powerful experiences, practices and take away tools for you to utilize in your own way. 

I look forward to connecting with you beloved.

About Amanda

Amanda Tracey is a certified Reiki practitioner/Energy healer and Circle facilitator and is a self taught Ceremonialist. She is a devoted practitioner of the craft and ancient earth traditions and is currently studying Wicca with Shamanic Teacher and Priestess Avalon Whitefeather.

Amanda has been on her own feminine healing journey and classes herself as a forever student of the ancient feminine mysteries and goddess teachings. She has now dedicated her life fully to being in service to others and supporting others on their healing journey. 

With a strong passion and calling to the Priestess path, Amanda has recently embarked on a self study journey through the ancient womb mysteries and teachings of the Isis and Mary Magdalene lineage with the intention to embark upon a full Priestess Training in the future. 

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